About Me

This blog is about trying to make sense of the world around us. This is increasingly becoming a difficult thing to do. I created this blog because I feel we no longer debate issues anymore. We are very quick to agree or disagree with people, like them, unfriend them, but we never get below the surface of why we feel this way.

I love meeting new people and am always curious about them, and I feel I have reached an age now where I am secure in my identity. This means when I find out about people I am not so interested in what music they like, their politics etc, I am more interested in why they feel the same or different to me. A hundred people all agreeing with you could have a hundred reasons why they feel this way. I do not want to change people’s views, but merely to talk about these topics again.

I feel we have reached the stage where our views and opinions divide us and so only the loud voices get heard and the quiet ones keep silent for fear of being seen to disagree. I hope this blog lets us find this again while still remaining friends. It’s worth remembering even our closest family members do not agree 100% with everything we think, feel or say 100% of the time.