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Is it just me confused by gender?

No wonder school children are stressed and confused. We tell them they have to work really hard on their exams or be left behind on the good job thing, get taught the facts of life on how babies are made and how to prevent babies being made. Lately we are confusing them saying that although they need to have a great career first, not to wait too long until they have a family because after 35 years old, it’s harder to get pregnant, and that’s when you look around and see everyone else has managed it except you. It must feel like a mixed message. Schools are teaching all of this at an absurdly early age. And now to add to this the whole LGBT gender issue.

Did you know Facebook now has a list of 70 gender terms we can select? 70! I’m afraid I lost count on how many the LGBT community list, it was just so many. Counting’s not my forte, sorry. You can just imagine the teachers trying to teach all of these; the pupils trying to note them all down. I’m imagining tests and a gold sticker for those that can name all of them!

To be honest I don’t really know why this is an issue. Are we teaching kids about race and religion at such a young age too? It’s actually one of the lovely things about babies that they don’t appear to notice these things. It was rather touching on ‘Good Morning Britain’ the other day, when two mums and their babies were brought in. The topic was whether babies discriminate. One was white and one was black. Very early on in the interview the black baby saw the white baby and wanted to hold hands. The white baby felt the same and the two sat on their mother’s laps holding hands across the gap. But now apparently we have to teach children about all these differences, whether skin colour, religion or sexual orientation.

is it just me confused by gender - the sexes

But maybe someone can help me here on the gender issue. Surely at most there are 4 types of gender; male, female, transvestite and transgender. The only differentiator for the last two being whether the person has had the surgery for the sex change or not. I don’t know why we need the other options.

People talk about how difficult it was to tell everyone they were gay. I am imagining (and that is all I can do as I am comfortable being a woman) that it is far harder to tell those you love that actually you don’t feel like a boy and want to live the rest of your life as a girl, or vice versa.

But surely if you have had the surgery and seen this through completely, do you still want to be categorised as a transexual, or whatever new correct term I should be using? Surely if you were a man who now has female anatomy, you would consider yourself a woman, would you not? I’m not saying you should hide your past, how you feel about it is entirely down to you. Some people will be happy to talk about their experience and how they feel, others will want to be left to their own devices. The point is, isn’t this between you, your doctor, your friends and your family, and nothing to do with anyone else unless you say otherwise? Isn’t the point of this being that is your life and your decision?

is it just me confused by gender - boy or girl

I’m not sure I am comfortable with forms which now ask you your gender and list as many of these options as they can. I tried to fill one in a few years back when I was applying for a receptionist role and at the end of what was about 10 options, there was “other”. I’m not quite sure what would come under this and I doubt many people would put their tick against it. The same NHS form I hasten to mention, had a full page on ethnicity options, a further one on religion, and then, even more to my amazement; a final full page on sexual orientation! This was all before the education and why you’re right for the job questions!! At this point I abandoned the form.

It seems to me a better thing if we don’t make such a song and dance of this to school children. There should be avenues for them to go to which will tell them more about gender. Right now this just feels like it’s politically correct to make this included in school teaching and especially when the children are so young. Why can’t we just let children be children? Surely this would make them more accepting.

But I would be interested to know why quite so many different categories have been listed by the LGBT community. Surely this makes it easier for confusion to set in? Perhaps someone could let me know?

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