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Is it just me who thinks this is the worse timing?

It’s now exactly a week since we sat around the television with our families and saw the attack on Westminster. Very quickly the messages of defiance, hope, refusal to be broken, came in. One message, my particular favourite, said the only thing that would ever break London was snow!

We heard how the terrorist was a nice guy, everyone liked him and he was a good teacher, except, there was that time when he stabbed a man in the face with a knife, how he hadn’t spoken to his mother for ten years, how after he was radicalized he tried to force his daughter to wear a burqa, oh and of course mounting the pavement and killing and injuring all those people on Westminster bridge, not to mention the policeman he stabbed to death, so perhaps on the face of it, not such a great guy.

We have also had the not so tiny matter of Brexit which will start today with the formal announcement of Article 50 being triggered. So, you could say that it’s not a quiet time on the news front at the moment, yet, what has dominated the news? Not the Westminster attack, not even Brexit, which for the best part of a year has seen people fighting in and out (literally!) and falling out with friends, family and work colleagues. No, what has taken over, Nicola Sturgeon!

I initially thought of her as the nodding Churchill dog, now I think of her as one of the Crankies! She is everywhere. Constantly banging on about Scotland. Always Scotland. That’s her mandate you may say, well yes, but we are part of the UK and this has to be about the union and not just Scotland. I am seriously fed up of her and will now mute or turn off the TV when she comes on. Theresa May is constantly telling her no to another Scottish referendum, yet out Sturgeon comes to the sea of microphones and pretends otherwise. What part of no does she not understand?! Ruth Davidson who I’m not usually a fan of, had this brilliant exchange with her yesterday:

Classic! This totally sums it up for me. This woman has banged on about nothing but Scottish rights, how Scotland won’t be silenced, for the best part of a year, and why? Does Parliament ignore Scotland? No, they are given a voice, they are listened to, they are consulted. As well as a hefty wodge of money they also get to enjoy prescriptions, IVF and student loans all for free, plus many other sizeable benefits. England doesn’t. We have to pay for all of this. We’re also still paying for their banking crisis! I’m still saddled with my student loan despite not finishing university. I will probably be a pensioner and still be paying this off! Shame I wasn’t north of the border.

When Westminster was in the grip of panic, it took the Scottish government an hour, yes, that’s right, an hour before they decided for decorum’s sake that they had probably better stop debating another referendum and stand as one with the rest of the UK for once. Sturgeon then sent her note of condolence, and was actually silenced for the rest of Wednesday and Thursday.

The biggest joke is Sturgeon doesn’t listen. She has been told constantly now is not the time to put Scotland through another referendum, but does she listen? No. There is no way she can ever get what she wants. She is just another politician with a mission which very few people want. Nick Clegg when he was in parliament used to go off on his everyone with me agendas, only to find when he turned around, he was like a Pied Piper without any followers! We were told he had learnt and moved on, except the following week he was off on a new crusade. Nicola Sturgeon is the same. I almost feel like Brexit in itself is not even her problem. It’s like when you take against someone but can’t really explain why. Then they do something, and you are straight on it. That’s why! Brexit gave Sturgeon the excuse she wanted.

Why will she not be successful, well let’s review the facts:

  1. Theresa May has been very clear; no referendum right now. You see Nicola, Theresa actually has a mandate called getting us out of the EU and this was one was passed by the public. How many more times does May have to say no to you?!
  2. England is not paying for Sturgeon to waste more time and money with another vote. Call me a scratched record, but Brexit is where the money has to go right now. We all know Scotland can’t afford to pay for this either so back to parliament for another handout! This time Computer Says No!
  3. Most Scots do not want another vote, and they don’t want to leave the UK! They recognise the perks of staying together and are fearful of what would happen isolated of by themselves. Even if Sturgeon managed to get May to agree to a referendum, and to footing the bill, she would lose. Alex Salmond could not convince Scottish voters to choose to leave the UK and that was when everything was stable. He couldn’t answer the main questions the voters had. Now with the shaky ground of leaving the EU, people are even more  worried in giving Sturgeon the vote.  The polls are talking about a third of the public at best being in support. A third is not a win. Plus, Sturgeon is still not answering the questions asked regarding the currency the Scots would use were they to leave, etc. Ironically right now most English people if they had to vote are more likely to say goodbye to Scotland then the other way round! We’re bored with it all being about Scotland! Ireland and Wales put together are not as noisy!
  4. Even if Sturgeon managed to somehow pull off the top three and that would be a massive feat, the EU has been very clear; the UK leaves the EU as one. It would take years and years for Scotland to campaign to get back into the EU and cost a fortune. What happens to the Scots in the meantime? With bags packed from us and the EU saying no, that’s a long time to see your economy failing. If Scotland left the UK there would be no more handouts!

is it just me who thinks this is the worse timing for an eu referendum

And even if all this were to happen, what about the 40% of Scots who voted to leave the EU? How is Sturgeon representing their interests? Oh I know what you are going to say; the UK is leaving the EU with a much smaller percentage then this, and yes, you are quite correct. But think about it. You are living in Scotland, who for whatever reason decided to vote to leave the EU. When the result came through that the Leave vote was successful, you were pleased. You then had the best part of a year with uncertainty, potentially falling out/uncomfortable situations with friends, families and work colleagues, but worse of all Sturgeon hammering it home about Scotland not standing for Brexit. You were pleased she and others failed to overturn democracy. Two years later you were happy with the Brexit deal reached. Everything wasn’t 100% perfect, but it was good enough in your eyes, worth all the effort. Then Sturgeon has her vote and Scotland chose to leave the UK. You’re not happy. Then in say fifteen years, Sturgeon managed to get Scotland back into the EU. You’re really not happy. Don’t feel represented by her, do you?

Salmon stood aside when he lost the Scottish referendum, and given a stab at a second one, Sturgeon would have to as well. Except for her the result will be even more crushing than his if it remains at around 30%.

Oh, and well done The Daily Mail for their front cover yesterday. I can just about overlook the photo focusing on both Sturgeon and May’s legs, trivialising the matter of whether the UK gets broken up. The night before we were actually focused on their forced smiles. It was the text provided by Sarah Vine that was cringe-making. It was even worse than 50 Shades, which was at least laughably entertaining. Here it is if you didn’t catch it:

Ms Vine wrote: “What stands out here are the legs – and the vast expanse on show.  There is no doubt that both these women consider their pins to be the finest weapon in their physical arsenal. Mrs May’s are demurely arranged in her customary finishing-school stance, she observes.”

Ms Sturgeon’s “shorter, but undeniably more shapely shanks are altogether more flirty, tantalisingly crossed, with the dominant leg pointing towards her audience”.

She says the Scottish leader’s pose – at a meeting to discuss topics of state including the triggering of Article 50 on Wednesday – is “a direct attempt at seduction”.

Sarah Vine’s wording made me feel as uncomfortable as when Ricky Gervais thought it was clever and funny to drop Warwick Davis in a bin on his series “Life’s too short”. It was neither of these things. I’m trying to see this article as funny, and yes it might well have sold a few more newspapers, but on this occasion I have a sense of humour failure. Is it just me or do you feel the same?

At least Sarah Vine is a woman otherwise she would have been escorted off the building for sexism by now. If she is and Nicola Sturgeon is in the nearby vicinity at the time, might I suggest that Sarah takes Nicola with her and give us all a break from her constant demands!


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