Is it just me who thinks we need to be rational in regards to Trump?

Do I like Trump? No of course not and I doubt I ever will. I am so pleased to not be American and be put in the position of voting. Unfortunately hate him or really hate him, he is the president and short of falling on our metaphorical sword, we must accept this.

The difference with Trump is most politicians are only politicians. They stand at the podium and spout all the things they would do if we gave them power. If we do, they deliver on very little of it. But when a businessman gets to the podium and says all the things he/she is going to do, they mean it and they do it. Trump is the second category and clearly enough Americans voted for him based on his election promises. The fact that he is now delivering on what he said he would do is probably making some people happy.

Do I like everything he’s done in the short time he has been president? Like most people in politics some I do, some I don’t. Making it hard for American companies to leave America, I am very much in favour of. It sends a bad signal to the world, weakens the economy and costs jobs to decamp a business outside of it’s current country. I wish in the UK we had also done this pre the Brexit vote. In terms of creating new jobs with the piping industry, I see no problem with that either. The fact that Trump is not spending his every breath on global warming is also a good thing. The polar ice caps have been melting since before the first human set foot on this planet, and whilst the Arctic might be melting, Antarctica is freezing further. I think right now we can all agree there are bigger issues in the world. It is also good news for Britain that unlike Obama, Trump has moved the Churchill bust back into the Oval office.

So the bad then. I don’t know that I can make an informed decision about the claims Trump has made about South America and whether the problem is as bad as he says, so it is hard to decide. I do however doubt a wall will keep South America out and I am too fearful to ask what happens to those who get discovered finding their way over, under or around it. It also doesn’t do much to create good relations with the region. Either way I hate the idea of a wall going up. I am sure this will shock Angela Merkel more than anything else, (and she has been attacked for weakening Europe and Germany’s security in the last few weeks alone) as she herself was born on the “wrong side of the wall.”

Now to the Muslim ban. I am stunned that Congress have not had to be consulted prior to any motion being passed. This seems like a frightening amount of power that one person can wield without Congress having a say. Also, whilst I do believe Trump thinks he is doing the right thing and protecting American citizens, he is doing this the wrong way. If he were to ban all Muslim countries, ie a complete blanket ban then we wouldn’t like it but it would make sense. Instead he has left off the main countries with terrorist affiliations for no other reason then he already works with them. This is clearly biased. Also, when someone lives, works, has a family and votes in America, they become an American citizen. This is not to say they recind any other citizenship, but we are only allowed to vote in one country, so to stop those like Mo Farah from returning home is beyond comprehensible. Unless any Muslims who are already in America are seen to have links to terrorism, they should be treated with respect and allowed home.

So how in the UK do we treat this? The ban even if it does continue is only 90 days and Obama did this ban for a full 6 months. Do we stop Trump coming here? No. We have made the offer to him to come and we want a good trade deal with America, so the argument that it is too soon does not apply to the times we now live in. To take back the offer is petty. No petition, even if it reached 30 million would change this. Marching through London will have no affect either. We must welcome him here and accept that politics is a dirty business. We have no jurisdiction in lecturing the leader of the free world in his actions, it would only be counterproductive. He wouldn’t listen to us anyway.

If we decide to play the high road and only invite leaders of foreign countries who we agree with, then we must also ban Russia who have slaughtered so many Syrian civilians, China for their poor human rights and cruelty to animals. We must also stop African leaders as their country is still largely enslaved by rulers like Mugabe getting richer while their people become poorer. India and the Far East? They believe in child marriages, rape as a legal punishment for those related to anyone who chooses their own partner, and sweat shops which flout human rights as well as worker rights. All Muslim countries where women are forced to wear burkas and are counted as second class citizens, must also be banned. Where next? Spain is also cruel to animals, Ireland is against abortion, Germany started two world wars . . .

The list is endless and would leave us with no neighbours. People worried that Brexit would mean bringing up the drawbridge, this is what would actually do it. As for the queen, she has had to be in a room with Sinn Fein and what they did to her family, I am sure she can deal with one cocky American!

#DonaldTrump #Congress #MexicoWall #EqualRights #Politics #Brexit #AngelaMerkel


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